Sunday, 1 February 2015

Clean Eating Lifestyle

At the beginning of January I decided to embark on a 6 week fitness challenge which consisted of regular exercise and clean eating! I thought it would be super easy but it's defiantly harder than I thought! I wouldn't say I had an unhealthy lifestyle before but I did have a sweet tooth and liked sweet treats on a daily basis. 

Before my clean eating started I would have a couple of milky coffees a day, followed by a chocolate bar or maybe a slice of cake. For lunch I would have sandwich and a packet of crisps and for tea I would have whatever was getting served up that night. Don't get me wrong I did used to eat plenty of veg, fruit and other healthy things but I needed the motivation.

I used get really bloated and I used to get regular headaches. I started to wonder maybe the headaches were caused by eye strain from sitting at the computer all day but since cutting out both sugar and caffeine out of my diet they stopped. Also I used to get really bad period cramps, I mean I still do but they aren't as intense. I was never a fat girl beforehand, I was hitting on 11 stone which for my 5ft10 frame wasn't overweight, but do you know when you just feel uncomfortable? I just knew I had to do something about it. 

So my clean eating diet now consists of eating a lot of protein like chicken, tuna, salmon, turkey. As Well as some starchy carbs like rice, sweet potato and a lot of green veg! For breakfast I normally have a boiled egg or scrambled eggs and for snacks I normally eat sunflower/ pumpkin seeds and rice cakes. Also I drink about 2 litres of water or more a day! On the first week I  found it really hard to adjust to the diet, I felt mega tired, I had no energy, I had headaches all the time but the weeks went by those symptoms had stopped. For exercise I go to boot camp 3 times per week and when I am not there I go for a steady jog/power walk or go spinning!

With all this hard work and dedication I have so far managed to lose 9 pounds in total and I still have 2 weeks left! I honestly feel great, my stomach is a lot flatter and not bloated; my skin is a lot clearer and more glowing! 

This dinner was unreal! I had salmon with a cup of veg and home made healthy sweet potato chips! It was like heaven on a plate! See who said eating healthy had to be boring? 

As you can see my stomach is way flatter and you can see my ab muscles (woop - hellow six pack!) P.s my sports bra is from Primark and was only £5! Primark have some lovely sports wear in at the moment! 

Hopefully I have inspired someone to put there box of leftover Christmas chocolates down and go to the gym instead! or maybe not but hey ho! 

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