Sunday, 16 November 2014

Beauty Wants!

Beauty Wants!

Every time I go into Fenwicks I always come out smelling like a bath bomb, from the amount of fragrances I tested. Ok so how many times does a girl have to mention she wants Coco Chanel and still hasn't got it? I mean I have now mentioned this perfume 3 times on my Blog and still no one has got the hint! Gawwwwd guysss! As you may have read on my 'October Favourites' post, I am really loving Lush at the moment for their skincare, I have been doing my research and these three products I will be purchasing next. Mask of Magnamity, looks amazing and from the reviews, sounds like it will keep my spots at bay. I will be 100% be picking this up when I am next in store!

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