Thursday, 27 November 2014

7 Problems People in Their Twenties Must Have!

They say people do their most thinking when they are in the bathroom and this is where I brainstormed this idea. Just something a little different. P.s I wasn't on the toilet, I was in the bath. 

1. Getting ID'd for buying a scratch card when your clearly not 16 years old, when you have your car keys in one hand and your driving licence in the other. STUPID.

2. When Pay day finally comes and then you check your bank balance and its halved within the first day because you got all your bills to pay and shit. 

3. ROOTS. Just roots. Why do I even bother getting them dome? They grow in super fast, next time I may as well sport a dip die. 

4. The whole 'yeah I'm saving up to buy a flat' talk. ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE NEAR FUTURE because all I spend my savings on is holidays and handbags. I can see myself living at home when I'm 30 at this rate. 

5. Being the youngest person at a fitness class and clearly being the unfittest. 

6. The constant wish you were pregnant every time you have a really bad period pains..Because that's going to solve the pain right? hiya labour. 

7. Going to a bar/club where there's lots of people who are younger than you and declaring to your friends that your too old for this shit and just want to go home and watch Netflix whilst eating pizza. 

I hope someone can relate to this! 
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