Sunday, 26 October 2014

October favourites

Since it is nearly the end of October, I thought I would show you some of my favourites! I haven't really been buying a lot this month, but somehow I have managed to spend nearly all my money *sigh*. As well has having no money, ALL of my beauty products have been running out which is typical. I have been absolutely loving Lush this month. I'm not really a bath bomb person or a soap kind of gall - just stick to the good old Radox, but I popped into the store to get the fabulous 'Snow Fairy' and ended up picking up some goodies!

Since my 'REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask' ran out, I have been in urgent need of a new, more gentle face mask. So I bought 'Oatfix' and oh my gawwwd, where has this been all my life? Not only does it smell amazing, to be more precise like breakfast on my face, It works wonders! With the blend of bananas, oatmeal and almonds it moisturises my skin and leaves it feeling so soft! These winter months have started to take troll on my face, leaving it feeling dry and honestly this fixed my problems straight away! Although it looks like sick on your face, I can build a bridge and get over it because it was only £6.50 and it is amazing! 

I was after a new body scrub, so I bought 'Ocean Salt' and its quite nice! As my skin is quite sensitive, I was quite worried to try this but actually it's quite gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling soft. Another Lush product I love is the 'Bubble Gum Lip Scrub'. 9 times out of 10 I do find myself sitting there applying it and then licking it off, however you can't blame me because it tastes and smells amazing!  

Ok you know Christmas is coming when Lush launch their Christmas products. I think I buy this shower gel every Christmas and I love it! I know this is a little off topic and probably shouldn't say this but I probably would in person but all these flavoured lubes etc you can buy from Ann Summers, who needs those? Just use this and you will smell like bubblegum. 

My mother bought me a massive box of Munchies, I f*cking love munchies. Although I do prefer the mint ones but hey ho. Astral cream has been a little life safer! It's super cheap and its such a good moisturiser! I think you can buy a tub of this for about £2-3 and you can use it on your face! Lastly I am not a lip gloss fan at all but this Smash box one is really really nice! Its not sticky, bonus and it's just a perfect nude colour! 

I love dance movies, I wish I could dance like that, but sadly I cant't even when drunk! The movie itself is shit but I just sometimes find myself sitting there and watching the whole iconic dance scene at the end, over and over again, Its amazing! 

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