Tuesday, 5 August 2014

15 Fashion Questions - Tag


So I am loaded with cold, yes a summer cold... how the hell is this even possible!? I do have a lot of ideas for more fashion based Blog posts in the upcoming future, so what's a better way to start that sharing with you a bit about my style.

1. What's your favourite style to wear?
I would probably describe my style as simple. An ideal outfit would consist of a white t-shirt, pair of jeans and either my structured Zara coat or a blazer. When I shop I try not to buy items that are currently in, unless they are statement pieces. For example tartan is always in for winter, so investing in a good quality tartan scarf you can add detailing to your outfit, without going all out.

2. Who is your fashion role model?
Gillian Zinser aka Ivy from 90210 has to be my fashion role model. She always look effortlessly cool and I love it!

3. What do your always wear?
My grey floaty cardigan, without fail. It's just so easy to chuck on over an outfit, especially for work!  Also this really cute elephant necklace, I always wear it! I made it myself and I have had tons of compliments.

4. What are your favourite jeans?
I used to love the Topshop Leigh jeans but they quickly fade and they are so expensive! But I am loving New Look jeans, they don't fade as quick and they are quite reasonably priced!

5.What's your favourite sunglasses?

6. What are your favourite shoes?

My Vagabond ankle boots, love them. 

7. Who Influenced you to write about fashion?
Every blogger who gets paid. I go shopping a lot, so I thought why not write about it.

8. What's your favourite store?
My favourite shops are Primark, Zara, H&M and ASOS. 

9. Who is your favourite fashion fashion Blogger/ Youtuber?
Beauty Crush and Style has no size. 

10. What's your favourite fabric?
COTTON. It's great having a few basic cotton t-shirts in your wardrobe. 

11. Who is your favourite model?
Cara Delevingne.

12. If you had £5,000 to spend on any one item, what would it be?
A Mulberry bag with matching purse. 

13. Heels or Flats?
Flats FTW. I'm quite tall anyways I don't need the extra 6 inches and heels KILL my feet so much. Anyone who knows me will know what I am like on a night out wearing heels.... not a good mix. 

14. What purse do you currently use?
A little tiny one because once upon a time my social life was amazing and instead of changing purses to go out, I always use the same tiny one... It fits call my cards in though, bonus. 

15. Is fashion in your blood or jeans?
Would love to say blood. My family have always been keen dress makers, so from a young age my auntie taught me how to knit and sew. 

Hope you enjoyed reading, Have you done this tag before?

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