Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How to add Instagram onto your Blog...

I know how hard it is to create and design a Blog by yourself, unless you are some sort of technical genius... Blogging is a massive learning curve for me, and I am slowly trying out new things and experimenting to see if it works. Recently I managed to get a navigation bar, although it doesn't work properly it's a working progress. I have decided to do a 10 tips for designing a Blogseries which will help you learn some basic tips when starting up a Blog.

How to add Instagram onto your blog.

1. http://snapwidget.com/#getstarted - Click on this link, please note this is a safe and legal website.

2. This screen above will pop up, fill in your username for your instagram account, and your hash tag. e.g. I used #charlottehey. Have a play around with the other options and when you are finished click 'get widget'.

3.  Copy and paste code into Blog. I posted mine into my side bar. This means all of my regular instagram posts will appear on my blog!

*Disclaimer -  Please note I am not a qualified web designer, I am only showing you out of my own knowledge.

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