Sunday, 15 September 2013

Cambridge Satchel

This summer I went down London for a few days with my family and managed to get my hands on one of these beauties. I was like a kid going into a candy store, when I went to the Cambridge Satchel store. Rows and rows of pretty coloured bags, all come in different sizes and styles... IT WAS A REALLY HARD DECISION TO MAKE!! I finally decided to go with the 13 inch Classic red  satchel, which is the perfect size for me. On the website it describes the 13 inch bag is most suitable for an 'every day bag for the office and leisure.' Which I agree with as I can fit all of my every day essentials in and if I needed to my I Pad fits in too. My satchel costed £108 which is quite expensive, however it is real leather and it will last me a lifetime. If you wanted you could have your initials embossed on the satchel for an extra charge, so I did. I think it adds just a personal touch to your bag and it makes my bag unique to any other satchel on the market.

Have you got a Cambridge Satchel?

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