Sunday, 18 May 2014

How to add a simple navigation bar!

Purpose : A navigation bar helps users navigate around your Blog quicker and easier. Also users are more likely to come back and visit when posts are organised and easily found, whereas if everything was mixed up, it may deter them.

- When creating a navigation bar you need to know how you want your Blog divided. For example because my Blog is about beauty/fashion I have divided mine up into fashion, beauty and lifestyle. 

Step one (You must do this):
-  When creating a new Blog post on the Left hand side of your page there is a drop down list called 'Post settings.' Click on the box that is called 'Labels' and enter a key word which applies to your Blog post.
For example - I have labelled this Blog post 'tutorials' because on my navigation bar I have a section called this. 
- *Make sure you label every Blog post you create.*

Step two - 
-  Overview - Layout ( your Blog layout should appear) 
- Click ADD GADGET and a list should appear, scroll down and click Labels. 
- A box will appear.

-  Title - Leave blank
- Show - Selected labels 
- Then click on the little blue 'edit' button and this will bring up a list of labels that you have used on your blog posts. 
- Select the ones that apply to your navigation bar
- Click save. 

Step Three:
- Click preview and the labels that you have selected should be on the navigation bar. 
- When you click on one of the tabs in the navigation bar, all of your Blog posts that you have labelled with that category should appear. 

Hope this Helps! 
If you have any questions feel free to ask! 

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