Friday, 12 July 2013

Popolo - Newcastle upon - Tyne

Last weekend me and my friend Naomi went for 'Sunday afternoon cocktails' which was really nice! We came across this lovely bar called 'Popolo'. The only way I can describe is cross between a New York bar and an Italian Coffee shop which was lovely because I didn't feel like I was in Newcastle at all (good thing).  We went in about 5 when happy hour started and drank cocktails for £3.95 which I can't complain about because they were delicious. The staff were really friendly and there was a good atmosphere in the place. I would 100% recommend this bar to anyone who is looking to go somewhere unique and classy, compared to the usual mainstream places in Newcastle.

Naomi had a drink called ' Violet Mojito' which tasted like palma violets! Mine came served in a jam jar which I thought was cute. However I couldn't tell you what it was called apart from it had whisky, vodka and berries in it. 

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  1. that jam jar is just super cute!! Thanks for the comment on my bog, would you like to follow eachother? let me know xx

  2. hello!
    I know right :)
    yeah that would be great!