Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Primark haul!

I think I've went a little wild this month in the shoe department in primark! A couple of months ago I vowed never to buy primark shoes again, when a pair of shoes literally dissolved in the rain... Typical British weather! So I splashed out on a pair of real leather shoes from office, worst decision of my life when they literally ripped my feet to shreds. £50 down and many blister plasters later... I'm back at shopping at Primark for my shoes! Also how cute is this cushion?
Can you believe this was only £4?!
I have a feeling that these may dissolve in the rain again... However for £4 these are awesome for work!
Love this colour, it's so vibrant and summery! Will look amazing with a tan, unfortunately I will be hitting the fake tan this year but for £6 they are a bargain! 
Finally, the shoes every mother and their dogs are talking about... Birkenstocks! I can't ever justify paying £50 for a real pair  ... So even if I don't wear these often they won't be breaking the bank for £5.

Have you bought anything nice from Primark this month?!
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  1. I love love love Primark so this post attracted me straight away, and I purchased the same cushion you did, it was just too cute to leave behind. I got so much there last time I went, I have a habit of spending far too much. Really enjoyed the blog post, will definitely read ones in the future :)

    Amazzable xox


    1. Hey Lovely! Thanks so much, I'm trying to blog more often, so glad you like! Its lovely isn't it, I couldn't resist. Ooo you should do a Primark haul, would you to read! Yeah me too, as soon as I get my wage I'm straight out shopping, slightly addicted haha. Thank you!

      Charlotte xx
      p.s checked out your Blog, I love it!